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Haitian Quake Update 1

January 13, 2010



On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a disaster struck the capital of Haiti and surrounding areas where 2 million people live. We’ve been in touch with different relief agencies on the ground, who report collapsing buildings and aftershocks that have forced terrified people into the streets.


Thousands of people have lost everything. The people of Haiti have been deeply hurt and desperately need our help. We must be prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation.


Monetary donations of any size could help save the day by providing food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support to someone in need.


The goal is to collect $100,000.00 dollars throughout our conference. Making donations of money for the moment is the best quick response allowing us to buy the supplies and equipment that address the most urgent needs. There is no infrastructure at the moment in Haiti to take anything physical and deliver it where is needed.


Please send all checks or any monetary donations to the conference office marked payable to Greater New York Conference and on the memo Aid to Haiti as soon as possible.


In addition, the Greater New York Conference, Adventist Community Services Department would like to ask for every GNYC SDA Church to establish Collection Centers. Please notify the ACS office as soon as possible by sending an email to acsnydirector@hotmail.com, providing us with days, times and location so that we can forward the information to TV stations in the city and other agencies.


Please DO NOT receive any used clothes. Medical supplies, canned goods, and non perishable food needs to be classified and sorted in boxes. Each box needs to be labeled according to its content and given a value.


For more information and updates please check our conference’s website at www.gnyc.org


Thank you very much for all your support.


May God bless you as we work together to reach out and help our brothers and sisters in this time of need.




Ruben Merino

Director, Adventist Community Health Services

Greater New York Conference

41-26 58th Street

Woodside, NY 11377

Phone: 718-565-0850

Fax: 347-761-3042



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